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  • 30 Day Whole Food "Clean Eating" Challenge

    Uncover the basic principles of “clean eating” while learning the cooking techniques to support your efforts. Receive step-by-step instructions complete with meal plans, a starter guide and over 40 recipes! Warning: a major side effect could be weight loss, increased energy and a reduced waistline! Come hungry and ready to try lots of delicious food! Supply fee of $45 payable to instructor at class. Demonstration and tasting.
  • Authentic Indian Cuisine

    Focusing on a perfect blend of rich Indian spices prepared with the right ingredients is the key to achieving an authentic taste of Indian food. India is a diverse country with each culture having their own cuisine. Learn the most popular and celebrated of the Indian dishes. Along with maintaining the authenticity, learn the benefits of different ingredients and how they are incorporated. Demonstration, hands-on and tasting.  Supply fee of $20 maximum paid to instructor at class.F1.Tandoori Chicken with Mint ChutneyF2. Palak Paneer with Paratha BreadF3. Chole Masala with Puri (Indian Fried Bread)F4. Chicken Curry
  • Bake and Take Your Holiday Cookies

    Prepare ten dozen holiday cookies from cookie dough prepared in a commercial kitchen. Work in pairs to form, trim and decorate cookies that include Lemon Crinkles, Peanut Butter Balls, Rudolph's New Molasses, Santa's Sugar, Meltaways, Cherry Poppyseed Thumbprints, Blossoms and more! Staff bake the cookies. Bring an apron and containers to take cookies home. Plan to arrive on time and stay through the end assisting with cleanup. Hairnets and gloves provided. All participants must be registered. Neither children nor non-registered guests allowed in class. Sorry, cookies not provided to no-shows. Supply fee of $13 payable to instructor at class. Hands-on. 
  • Czech Kolaches

    Learn how to make kolaches, a national pastry of Czechoslovakia. This egg-rich slightly sweet yeast dough arrived in the Midwest as early as the 1860's. It is traditionally filled with fruit mixtures including apricots, prunes, cottage cheese or poppy seeds. They are round, square "tied packages" or filled turnovers. Make variations and taste samples. Take home an assortment of more than two dozen to eat, share or freeze. Bring large containers. Receive recipes, tips and techniques. Hands-on and tasting. 
  • Delectable Truffles: Chocolate Candies for all Occasions

    Truffles make a perfect handmade gift and will remain fresh for weeks. Truffles are smooth, rich, melt-in-your-mouth candy, and best of all, easy to make and perfect for all occasions. Create five different recipes and take home 15-18 truffles. Supply fee of $12 payable to instructor at class. Optional $18 truffle kit available for purchase from instructor for future candy-making projects. Hands-on and tasting. 
  • Easy Artisan Breads

    Do you desire bread with great flavor and texture? Learn to make savory, healthy loaves in less than five minutes using dough mixed in minutes and stored up to two weeks in your refrigerator. No kneading required. Understand the basic theory of artisan breads using wet dough. Enjoy samples, mix a batch of dough and receive recipes for various breads. Bring a five quart mixing bowl with cover, a set of measuring cups and spoons, and a large wooden spoon. Take home a batch of bread dough and a warm loaf of bread made and baked in class. Demonstration, hands-on and tasting.
  • Focus on Fall Veggies

    Terrific vegetables are in season in the fall, so let's make butternut squash ravioli, cauliflower crust pizza, and Brussels sprouts with apples and prosciutto. Let's also roast fall vegetables to make a great stock. Plus, if you have a CSA box, this is the class for you! Learn to roll out pasta and make ravioli by hand, shred cauliflower and mix with eggs and cheese to make a nutritious pizza crust. Saute Brussels sprouts along with apple chunks and top with prosciutto shavings and make stock from roasted vegetables. Demonstration, hands-on and tasting.
  • Four Famous Ethnic Cookies

    Create Norwegian Krumkakes (baked with an iron including cream, butter and cinnamon), Italian Pizzelles (anise or vanilla flavored flat cookie), Swedish Sandbakkelse (baked in tiny tins resembling tarts) and Rosettes (deep fried, paper thin Scandinavian favorites deliciously dusted with powdered sugar). Gain great recipes, and many tips and techniques that will make your baking a success. Students will rotate stations to gain cookie-making experience. Bring containers to class to take approximately six plus dozen cookies home. Additional time may be required for cleanup. Hands-on.
  • Home Winemaking (ages 21+)

    Learn to make wine for your own pleasure or to give as a gift. Discover the step-by-step process to make wine from fresh fruits, fruit juices and wine kits from around the world. Learn bottling and labeling techniques. Understand how to prepare fruits and balance the juice for the fermentation step. Demonstration, hands-on and tasting. Location: Ecumen Seasons at Apple Valley, 15359 Founders Lane
  • Lefse

    This wonderful Norwegian delicacy is made for banquets, holidays, weddings and all special occasions. Learn the fine points in making the dough, baking, storing and of course how to serve lefse with a bit of history and humor! Begin with real potatoes using a number of authentic recipes and a modern version using instant potatoes. Sample and take home finished lefse along with dough to bake and share with family and friends. Demonstration, hands-on and tasting.
  • Mocktails!

    With the holidays coming up, there's so much to celebrate! But festive drinks don't have to include alcohol. Learn to make six craft "mocktails" with great garnishes. Make your own fruit syrups and herbal infusions and mix them with other liquids such as seltzers and teas. Experiment with making garnishes from a variety of materials. Learn the framework recipes for creating their own “signature mocktails” at home. Hands-on and tasting.
  • Pizza, Flatbreads and Focaccia

    Learn to make pizza, flatbread and focaccia dough that you mix, not knead, and store up to a week in the refrigerator. Bake when needed for extra fast, homemade meals. Pre-bake pizza dough for super-fast, easy and fresh pizza your family will love. Develop dough stretching and rolling techniques, make a batch of dough and taste samples. Discover hints for grilling pizza. Handout includes topping recipes and whole-wheat dough option. Bring a rolling pin, large mixing bowl with cover, measuring cups and spoons, and large wooden spoon. Demonstration, hands-on and tasting.
  • Power Bowls

    A Power Bowl is an entire meal in a great gathering of flavors and textures. Also known as a Healthy Bowl or a Buddha Bowl, it contains a whole grain, such as quinoa or farro; a mixture of raw vegetables, such as bell peppers and red cabbage; a protein, such as salmon or chicken; a delicious sauce, and something crunchy like seeds or nuts on top. We'll make four very different bowls and learn the framework for creating our own favorites at home. Demonstration, hands-on and tasting.
  • The Incredible Cake

    You won't believe what you can do in just one class! Do you want to make a lovely dessert without a ton of work? Cakes will be prepared by a local bakery, so you can learn how to properly fill and ice. The crowning touch? Add beautiful dark milk and white chocolate flowers that you form in molds! Beginners and advanced cake decorators will benefit. Take home cake and other samples. Supply fee of $18 payable to instructor at class. Demonstration, hands-on, tasting.
  • Traditional Southern Cooking

    Beginning in the 1690s, food in the U.S. deep south was heavily influenced by early settlers from France, Germany and Spain. Slaves from Senegal, Africa, then Cuban refugees from Nova Scotia, Canada also contributed to the medley of flavors using the wealth of local seafood, vegetables, poultry, livestock and of course pecans. Join us in creating a memorable meal to include: Crab Dip, traditional Cheese Straws, Gumbo, Jambalaya, Red Beans and Rice, Buttermilk Biscuits, Cheese Grits, Pecan Praline candy and traditional Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce. We may add a few more recipes if time allows. Hands-on and tasting.
  • Yogurt and Mozzarella Cheese for Beginners

    Learn to make cheese and yogurt at home. Easy, inexpensive, nutritious and gluten free, plus it tastes better and is healthier for you when made at home without unnecessary additives of commercial products. Your kitchen already has most of the equipment needed to create these delicious products! Make mozzarella in class and discuss how to make multiple types of cheese. Learn how to make Greek yogurt and watch a detailed demonstration in yogurt making. Handout includes recipes for several different types of cheese, recipes that utilize cheese and/or yogurt, and resource information for supplies. Demonstration, hands-on and tasting.