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  • CAHOOTS Math and Language Arts - Flash Sale

    Register for the grade your child will be entering in the fall of 2024. The book will be a review of your child's current grade. (i.e. order first grade to get a review of kindergarten) Math and language arts in one book! A great value! Conspire to learn with Hoots the owl, Boots the fox and Walter the elephant! CAHOOTS is an eight-week summer math and language arts correspondence program designed to help students in grade K-5 reduce summer learning loss with an engaging, reflective approach to learning. Complete and correct lessons at home, then complete and mail an assignment reflection to a CAHOOTS Buddy who will send a response back to you. Reflections are designed to give you an opportunity to apply skills through open-ended questions. After successful completion, receive a certificate at the end of summer. CAHOOTS should not be considered as a replacement for participating in summer school if a child qualifies, and is not intended to replace regular reading for enjoyment or math activities that strengthen a child's fluency and love for math.