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  • Career Exploration: Putting the Pieces of Your Puzzle Together

    Passion and enthusiasm that is what life is about. When we have a passion for something, it does not feel like work at all. If you are working in an unfulfilling career or confused about how to figure out what career path you should take, this class is for you. It is designed to provide you with the tools and guidance to begin an engaging self-discovery journey. This journey will help you learn about yourself, your passions and how your skills, interests, and talents can lead you to career interests. 
  • Edith Stein and Teresa of Avila: Living their Spirituality in the Work World

    Learn how to apply the spirituality of Teresa of Avila and Edith Stein – Carmelite spirituality – as well as other great spiritual and business leaders to your everyday business life. These great women leaders lived and worked in the business world for a great portion of their lives and there is much to be gained from their spiritual approach to business life. Discover practical, mindful, time-tested approaches to living and ethical, person-focused life at work and in your business transactions. Go from taking a re-acting to a pro-acting approach at work, resulting in stress reduction and more personal peace. All denominations/faiths/non-believers are welcome.
  • Proficiency and Preparation for Steam and Hot Water Heating Boiler License Testing

    Prepare to be a more informed boiler operator and gain knowledge of boilers, codes and practices in preparation for the State of Minnesota boiler operator's exams, resulting in possible career advancement. Focus is on low PSI steam and hot water heating boilers. Receive three 50+ question sample tests and corrected copies are offered. Handouts relating to the governing jurisdictional codes, applicable and currently enforced in Minnesota, are explained in an easy format. State exam applications and affidavit forms provided. Morning refreshments and lunch provided by instructor. Optional textbook recommended: Low Pressure Boilers, by Frederick M. Steingress and Daryl R. Walker. 2C students may not need this book, but instructor highly recommends for 1C and Chief students. Check library for a copy. 
  • Simple Steps for Starting Your Business

    Contemplating starting your own business? Learn from experienced business professionals, both active and retired, who can provide individual assistance if desired. Presented by SCORE (volunteers from south metro communities) and a partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), this  comprehensive series of four workshops will help you make a smart start. Each class features a specific topic. Startup Basics: Test your business idea and identify the key factors that influence startup success. Gain an overview of the skills and tools needed when deciding to start a business. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of owning a business, the most profitable form for specific businesses and the fundamentals of formation, organization, marketing, cash flow and funding sources. Business Concepts: Identify your target markets, describe your products and services and collect key competitive information to support feasibility plan. Review your understanding of business concepts and gain step-by-step guidance in researching your idea, market and competition. Marketing Plan: Learn marketing, communication methods and tools to maximize customer reach. Understand pricing strategies, positioning, differences between features and benefits, and marketing strategies. Gain skills on how to outline your marketing strategy, test your message, choose the correct sales channel and exercise your strategies.  Financial Projections and Funding Sources: Review sales and prices, financial risks and rewards, true startup costs, ongoing operating expenses, setting benchmarks for tracking progress and organization of all your financial information. Discuss financing your business, accounting, banking relations, and monthly preparation and review of financial statements.