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  • About Online Registration

    ECFE registration is now open for Positive Parenting which begins October 26 and Babies: Birth Through 6 Months which begins on November 4. All other ECFE fall classes are closed for registration. Watch for your winter catalog to arrive mid-November!Important Information Regarding Online Registration: When you register online for a class, you should automatically receive an email from District 196-Community Education confirming your completed registration. If you do not receive an email, your registration is NOT complete. Please remember to check your Inbox and Spam folder when you register for your next ECFE class.NOTE: THIS PAGE IS NOT A CLASS REGISTRATION. It is for information purposes only. If you have any questions regarding your online registration, please call 952-388-1953.
  • Adolescent Depression & Anxiety

    Why are so many kids dealing with anxiety and depression? How come so many more kids are dealing with mental illness than any other generation? What do mental illness and ADHD have to do with each other? How do I help my teens develop the skills necessary to deal with all the pressures they face? Learn answers to all these questions and more. Meets criteria for Minnesota Teacher licensure renewal in Mental Health and is approved for 1.5 CEUs.
  • Anxiety and Depression in Children: What’s Typical and When to Be Concerned 

    Anxiety and depression are two of the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders in children. If you’ve ever wondered if your child is experiencing anxiety or depression, this session provides information and insight about the risk factors as well as the signs and symptoms to help you determine if your child would benefit from professional support. Resources and a time for questions are also included. Meets criteria for Minnesota Teacher licensure renewal in Mental Health and is approved for 2 CEUs.
  • Becoming a Super Parent

    When children engage in disruptive behaviors such as: tantrums, emotional meltdowns, defiance, refusing to follow rules, fighting, talking back and aggressive behaviors many times parents are at a loss of what actions to take to minimize those behaviors. Designed to help parents learn how to better manage their children’s disruptive behaviors by replacing ineffective parental responses with more effective options. Skills for parents of children in elementary age through middle school will be taught to help parents become “Super Parents”.
  • It’s Complicated: Children, Social Media and Mental Health

    Social networking, cell phones, and video games are game changers for youth and families. As parents and caregivers, we want our children to take advantage of incredible new digital opportunities but worry about the impact of too much screen time on our kids health, social skills, and school performance.In this interactive and energizing presentation, Erin Walsh will use brain science, stories, and humor to explain how technology impacts mental health and wellness. Understand the key ingredients for wellness in the digital age and share practical strategies for nurturing these at home. Explore a range of questions including: Does social media use cause anxiety and depression? What should I be on the look out for as more and more of my child’s life goes online? Is video game addiction real? How can I help my child develop positive media habits? Childcare is available for ages 2-12 (registration required).Meets criteria for Minnesota Teacher licensure renewal in Mental Health and is approved for 1.5 CEUs.
  • Positive Parenting

    Separating Class: Parents With Children Ages Birth Through 7 Years Please register for one class with an alternate choice for the lottery. Additional class registration will open after the lottery is completed.This class is for parents who want to focus on the positive by learning to guide and teach young children in ways that are kind but firm. We will explore what prompts children to behave in ways that are sometimes confusing. Based on the book Positive Discipline by Dr. Jane Nelsen, this class will help you learn the skills and tools necessary to decode children’s behaviors and respond in ways that address them. Children will experience positive guidance in the classroom as they make new friends and enjoy activities.
  • Seven College Planning Tips You Don’t Know About but Should

    Families often know more about the next appliance they are going to buy than the college education they are going to purchase, leading many to make avoidable mistakes that cost them thousands and hinder their ability to find the best fit for their child. Learn the insider tips from a national expert that will greatly enhance your understanding of the college process, reduce anxiety and position your child for success. Avoid mistakes many families make when trying to identify colleges that are truly the right fit. Explore a behind-the-scenes view of how financial aid really works, actionable strategies to save thousands of dollars and tips for working with your teenager on a potentially stressful and emotional process. An absolute must-attend for parents and grandparents with college-bound students in grades 10-11.
  • Vaping: What’s In the Mist?

    Teens continue to use different forms of tobacco, while also expanding into vaping (e-cigarettes) and have different views on marijuana. In fact, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) According to the 2019 Minnesota Student Survey, one in four Minnesota 11th graders reported using an e-cigarette in the past 30 days. That represents a 54% increase from the 2016 survey, in which 17% of 11th graders reported vaping. The jump among eighth graders is even more significant, with nearly twice as many students (11% in 2019 compared to 5.7% in 2016) reporting using an e-cigarette in the past 30 days. More teens believe marijuana is harmless and 12.6% of teens used marijuana Discover why so many kids are vaping, what they are vaping, the associated health concerns, and how you can detect and talk to your kids about vaping.