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  • At Home STEM Sampler Kit - Young Inventors (parents and children, ages 8+)

    Did you know that a child invented the popsicle or that a 16 year old invented the trampoline? You don’t need to have gray hair and wrinkles to be an inventor! The Young Inventors kit is your first big leap into tinkering and inventing. Fun and engaging activities will encourage your tinkering spirit, as you create an electrical circuit and learn about pneumatics. Design, build and create for hours on end. The 175+ piece kit contains tools, adhesives, building materials, craft items and a sixteen page lesson plan with background information and over five activities. It is packed with screwdrivers, screws, pliers, 1.5 volt hobby motor, batteries and holder, wheels, clamps, and much, much more. You may just invent the next "big thing". STEM kits are mailed and will arrive within 5 business days of registration. The kit includes: activity guide 1 box to hold small items 2 AA batteries battery holder electrical wires 1 hobby motor, 1.5 volts 2 light bulbs screw drivers and screws 1 pliers 1 scissors 1 ruler 1 pencil 1 small roll of duct tape 1 bottle of glue 1 notebook 4 wheels 2 clamps wire plus....clothes pins, small and large cups, spools, Styrofoam balls, string, paper clips, metal fasteners, wire, rubber bands, mirror paper, craft tubes, assorted boxes, assorted zip ties, pipe cleaners, large and small craft sticks, sorted straws, construction paper and more! Substitutions may be made due to supply availability.
  • At Home STEM Sampler Kit - Slime and Catapults (parents and children ages 8+)

    Become a scientist at home! Embark on a spectacular STEM adventure investigating slime and catapults! First, discover the chemical reaction that creates slime. Mix up your own batches of glow, silky and floam as you learn why slime is delightfully bouncy, stretchy and gooey. Then, build three different catapults to examine how levers, energy, and Newton's Laws of Motion all work together. Fling ping-pong balls while practicing your launching and aiming skills. This kit is more than’s hands in! STEM kits are mailed and will arrive within 5 business days of registration. The kit includes: 3 bowls with lids for slime storage 2 measure cups, 1 oz each 1 bottle of glue, 4 oz 1 oz liquid starch 1 oz liquid laundry detergent 1/4 teaspoon borax 1/4 teaspoon glow powder 2 T. floam pellets 1 package of Model Magic 2 colors of tempera paint, 1/4 teaspoon each 3 straws 4 craft sticks for mixing 11 large craft sticks 35 regular craft sticks 1 roll of 1/2-inch tape 3 small paper cups 3 balls 1 dowel 4 rubber bands 1 straw at 1-inch long The Science of Slime Activity Guide Crazy Catapults Activity Guide Items Not Included: Water, Paper Towels, Scissors
  • At Home STEM Sampler Kit - Art-Bot and pH Testing (parents and children ages 8+)

    Embark on a spectacular STEM adventure investigating engineering and chemistry with pH in your own home. Take your first steps into engineering by designing and building your own Art-Bot. The fun begins as you build your own Art-Bot with a motor, battery holder and more! Then, give your robot a personality with the craft supplies included in the kit. This STEM kit is not just is hands-in! Next, step into your own science lab to test the pH of six common substances. The exciting part of testing for pH will be what the color reveals. Will it be an acid, base or neutral? Extra pH indicator is included so you can conduct more experiments with other substances found in your home. STEM kits are mailed and will arrive within 5 business days. The kit includes: 1-AA battery 1-AA battery holder 1 hobby motor, 1.5 volt with wires 1 piece of cardboard with 2 pre-punched holes,1x2 inches 1 paper clip 2 metal fasteners 1 large paper cup, color may vary 1 clothes pin, half 3 markers, colors will vary 4 pipe cleaners, assorted colors 6 stickers or pom poms 6 wiggle eyes, assorted colors and sizes 3 feathers, assorted colors and sizes 4 4x4 inch construction paper, assorted colors 1 pipette (dropper) 1 tsp of dried purple cabbage extract 1 tsp of citric acid 1 tsp of baking soda 1 tsp of salt 1 tsp of sugar 1 tsp of vinegar powder 1 tsp of alum 1 craft stick 1 spoon Activity Guide for Art Bot and ph Testing All you need to supply is tape, glue, scissors, paper and 2-7 clear cups.
  • At Home STEM Sampler Kit - States of Matter, Electromagnets and Flight 101 (parents and children ages 8+)

    Become a scientist at home! Embark on a spectacular STEM adventure investigating chemistry, aerospace and electricity. Start off exploring the three most common states of matter by conducting three fun and exciting chemistry experiments. Next, discover the four forces that allow planes and rockets to fly with hands-on activities using a paratrooper to investigate drag, a disk launcher to explore lift and more. Next, build and test an electromagnet and learn how the electromagnetic field was first discovered. STEM kits are mailed and will arrive within 5 business days of registration. The kit includes: 1 plastic zip bag 1 small square of paper towel 1 spoon 1 dropper (pipette) 1 set of color tablets (red/blue/yellow) 6 spoonfuls of baking soda 5 spoonfuls of citric acid (naturally found in fruit) 1 spoonful of popcorn kernels 1 paratrooper with rubber band 1 glider with nose cone 1 disk launcher 1 foam shape 4 paper clips 1 AA battery 1 D cell battery 1 compass, size will vary 2 meal fasteners 6 paper clips 1 wire, 1.5 feet long 2 wires, 6 inches long 1-4x5 inch cardboard 1 steel nail, 2.5 inches long color crayons, 4 colors Activity Guide for States of Matter, Flight 101 and Electromagnet All you need to supply is water, a half measuring cup, a bowl or tray, 3-clear cups, tape and a table.