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Mat Pilates with Naseema

Enrichment - Adult / Fitness & Sports -
Adult Spring 2024

A total body, low impact workout focusing on core muscles using slow controlled stretching suitable for all age-groups. With focus on stretching, breath, technique to build strength, and tone muscles for better posture and efficient movement.

Bring a Pilates mat / thicker Yoga mat. Dress comfortably and bring your water bottle. Bare feet or grip-socks recommended. 

Naseema Omer

Naseema has over a decade of experience as a certified group fitness instructor. Follow along with her as she guides you through focusing on proper technique, Neutral spine, a properly engaged core, c-curve, shoulder and pelvic stability, spinal articulation, full breathing, and so much more. You will feel great! 

ANOM-S4 Closed

  Naseema Omer

Woodland Elementary : Gym A/B
Wednesday, May 8
6:30 - 7:30 PM

Northview Elementary : Gym A/B
Wed May 15 & Wed May 22
6:30 - 7:30 PM


Min Age   16 yr.

Price: $ 35 00

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