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  • Close-Up and Macro Photography

    Learn how to take great close-up photos. Work with how to control your depth of field and lighting and what equipment works best. Photograph everything from flowers to rings and more. Let's move in and have fun!
  • Outdoor Portraiture

    Learn techniques of how to blur the background, blend, use your flash with natural light and other methods to produce stunning photographs. Ideal for shooting high school portraits.
  • Photo Walk at Caponi Art Park

    Discover “art unframed” in a beautiful natural setting. Join us for a photo walk in the stunning urban oasis of Caponi Art Park. This 60-acre sculptured environment in Eagan is a work of art in itself. The meandering trails follow the curves of the topography and nestled into the landscape are over 25 sculptures by Anthony Caponi. For over six decades Anthony brought together his skills as an artist, educator, and environmentalist to embark on a labor of love to create this park. During our photo walk we will be viewing the Art Park environment through the lens of our camera. At the beginning of class receive a list of challenges to help you look at your environment from new perspectives. These challenges will get you thinking about other ways to compose your photos during our walk and can be used to add some variety to your shots where ever you may be taking photographs. For photographers who already have an understanding of how to use their camera.
  • Single-Lens Reflex (SLR) Digital Photography

    For anyone who has a digital SLR camera and is striving to get the shots you want. Cover ISO, F-Stops, Shutter Speeds, DOF, White Balance and more! Improve the composition and quality of your photographs as you learn the fundamentals of digital SLR photography. Bring your camera with interchangeable lenses.
  • Travel Photography

    Travel photography is a wonderfully rewarding experience, but travel itself is a whirlwind in the best of situations. The mix of new landscapes, cultures, and logistical challenges can be difficult to navigate. Being an effective travel photographer requires careful planning and shoot preparation, but also the flexibility and openness of mind to take unforgettable photos.
  • Zoo Photography 101

    Are you just starting to enter the world of photography with a DSLR or SLR camera? Photography is both interesting and challenging, and this class is designed for beginners eager to dive in and learn more! The basic fundamentals of vanishing fences, shooting through glass, and stopping the action will all be covered. Selecting the correct lens and filter makes all the difference! Join us and learn the secrets of photographing the animals. This class will combine classroom time with time along the Northern Trail. This class is designed for beginning photographers, especially those learning with an SLR or DSLR camera. (The instruction will not be as relevant for someone using a smartphone or point-and-shoot camera.) Bring your camera, and if you own additional gear (like a flash, lenses, or a tripod) you are welcome to bring those as well, although it is certainly not required! Admission to the Minnesota Zoo is NOT included with the registration fee. Please make sure to purchase your ticket online for the correct date and time on Minnesota Zoo website.