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  • 90 Minutes with an Estate Attorney

    We all have goals. Sometimes our goal is to gift assets to others while we are alive or after passing. What about estate tax & gift tax planning? Should I gift my money away in a will or a trust? Would I qualify for Medicaid? What is the 60-month claw back? What if my spouse goes into the nursing home and exhausts our money? What about my current trust; does it avoid the nursing home? Most people believe that their trust shields the assets from the nursing home and creditors. Many people may be wrong! Walk through these questions and many more.
  • How to Pay for the Nursing Home; An Attorney’s Perspective

    The biggest fear for most baby boomers is how to pay for the nursing home and still leave something for the next generation. With ever changing estate planning laws and great increases in nursing home costs, the fear is real. Understand what your options are. Is long term care insurance for you? What about home care? Should I gift my money away? Would I qualify for Medicaid? What about my current trust, does it avoid the nursing home? What is the 60 month claw back? What if my spouse goes into the nursing home and exhausts our money? Discuss these questions and many more, including how to plan and place your assets to meet your nursing home goals.
  • How to Win with Investment Properties

    Ever considered becoming a landlord or investing in real estate but needed more information? Learn about opportunities in today’s Twin Cities marketplace, how to analyze a property, tax considerations, and things to put in a lease. Review all aspects of becoming a landlord from buying, selling and renting.
  • The Special Needs Trust: Estate Planning for Grandparents, Parents and Families with Special Needs Children

    One Should Ask: Is it better to have a formal plan in place, or leave things to future family dynamics and the ever changing benefit system? Did you know with proper planning, both while they are alive and after they have passed, grandparents, parents and family can take care of a child, grandchild or family member with special needs in their estate plan? Yes, and such planning will not adversely affect the benefits and programs which the person with special needs has available to them! This class will discuss how to properly protect your assets and provide for the future benefit of the loved one with special needs. Whatever the type of the asset (tangible, income producing or other) there are options you should know. We will discuss how the special needs trust fits into your estate planning, planning for the future of your loved one with special needs, and pros and cons of a special needs trust.
  • Writing Your Own Will

    Having a will is important for married couples, singles and divorced people. If you are without a will, the laws of Minnesota and a judge will make all the decisions regarding your estate. Don't let this happen. Learn about estates and wills, and prepare a legal will in class. Receive instructions and a professionally prepared form, have access to witnesses and a notary public. Prior to class, review the information forwarded to you. The will form is designed for individual use; couples cannot share this form (each person must register individually). Appropriate for people who have an estate of less than $2,000,000, including life insurance, and do not own a business. Sorry, no discounts apply.