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  • Adolescent Depression and Anxiety

    Why are so many kids dealing with anxiety and depression? How come so many more kids are dealing with mental illness than any other generation? What does mental illness and ADHD have to do with each other? How do I help my teens develop the skills necessary to deal with all the pressures they face? Meets criteria for Minnesota teacher licensure renewal in mental health and is approved for 1.5 CEUs.
  • CONNECTED: How to Show Up For Your Kids in the Digital Age

    Help your child take advantage of opportunities online while avoiding risks. COVID-19 means that kids are spending more and more time online. Most schools hand kids a tablet or laptop without a parenting guide to go with it! You deserve evidence-based resources, not fear-based soundbites, as you navigate escalating screen time challenges. This self-paced online class cuts through conflicting information and delivers the essential parenting strategies for your child's digital wellbeing. Best for parents of kids ages 8-16 *** CONECTADO: cómo proteger a sus hijos en la era digital Ayude a su hijo/a a aprovechar las oportunidades que ofrece Internet y a evitar los riesgos. Obtenga recursos basados en la evidencia, mientras navega por los crecientes desafíos del tiempo frente a la pantalla. *** KU XIRNOW: Sida Looga Agmuuqdo Caruurtaada Wakhtiga Casriga ah ee lagu jiro Ka caawi canuggaaga in uu ka faa’idaysto fursadaha si onleen ah asaga oo iska ilaalinaya khataraha. Hel ilo caddaymo ku salaysan, inta aad ku dhexjirto caqabadaha wakhtiga kicinta shaashadda.
  • Say Yes To No: Why Kids Need Loving Boundaries and How to Set Them

    Clarify your limits, avoid power struggles, and follow through with consistency and care. Setting limits and avoiding power struggles is a challenging part of parenting. Parenting in a pandemic means that many are experiencing increased conflict and escalating stress. This self-paced online class will help you clarify your priorities, build a stronger toolkit, and set the warm boundaries that kids need right now to stay calm and connected. Best for parents of kids ages 2-10. *** Decir sí al no: por qué los niños necesitan límites cariñosos y cómo establecerlos Aclare sus límites, evite las luchas de poder y haga cumplir las normas con consistencia y cuidado. Ideal para padres de niños de 2 a 10 años. *** Dheh Haa si aad wax u Diiddo: Sababta Caruurtu ugu Baahan yihiin in ay Xadduudaha Jeclaadaan iyo Sida Loogu Sameeyo Kala caddee xadduudahaaga, ka fogow ku hardanka awoodda, waxaadna u raacdaa qaab joogtayn iyo daryeel ah. Wuxuu ugu wanaagsan yahay waalidiinta haysata caruurta da’doodu tahay 2-10 sanno.
  • Support Infinite Possibilities in the District 196 Community

    Your donation to Community Education will help an individual in need to participate in a quality learning activity. Select the denomination of your choice. You will receive an email confirmation upon completion of the donation. Thank you for your support of learning in District 196.
  • Why Do They Act That Way? Proven Strategies to Understand and Stay Connected To Your Teen

    Parenting teenagers isn't easy. Parenting during a pandemic? Even harder. The pandemic is especially difficult for teenagers, whose job is to gain independence and spend time with friends! Supporting teenagers and staying connected during this time is essential for their mental health and wellbeing. But this isn't easy! This self-paced online class delivers the latest insight about the adolescent brain along with practical parenting strategies that reduce power struggles and build connection between you and your teen (or soon-to-be-teen). Best for parents of kids ages 8-18. *** ¿Por qué actúan así? Estrategias probadas para entender y mantenerse conectado con su hijo/a adolescente Apoyar a su hijo/a y mantenerse conectado durante este tiempo es esencial para su salud mental y su bienestar. Ideal para padres de niños de 8 a 18 años. *** Maxay tahay Sababta ay Sidaa ugu Dhaqmayaan? Istiraatiijiyadaha la Hubiyay ee ku saabsan Fahmidda iyo Ku xirnaanshaha Da’yarkaaga Taageeridda iyo ku xirnaanshaha canuggaaga inta lagu jiro wakhtigaan waxay muhiim u tahay caafimaadkiisa maskaxda iyo badqabkiisa. Wuxuu ugu wanaagsan yahay waalidiinta haysata caruurta da’doodu tahay 8-18 sanno.