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  • Do You Know Your Medicare ABC's and D?

    If you are turning 65 in the next year or so, do you feel prepared to make decisions regarding your Medicare coverage? Most people find Medicare enrollment and choosing a Medicare supplement plan and a Medicare drug plan very confusing. It can be difficult to find unbiased insurance information. Gain knowledge of what medical services are and are not covered by Medicare, monthly premium, co-insurance and deductible information, when and how you enroll in Medicare, supplement insurance policies and Medicare Part D.
  • Writing Your Own Will

    Having a will is important for married couples, singles and divorced people. If you are without a will, the laws of Minnesota and a judge will make all the decisions regarding your estate. Don't let this happen. Learn about estates and wills, and prepare a legal will in class. Receive instructions and a professionally prepared form, have access to witnesses and a notary public. Prior to class, review the information forwarded to you. The will form is designed for individual use; couples cannot share this form (each person must register individually). Appropriate for people who have an estate of less than $2,000,000, including life insurance, and do not own a business. Sorry, no discounts apply.