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  • Moving Towards a Zero Waste Life

    Have you heard about the Zero Waste movement but don’t know what it is about or how to start? Learn specific and practical ways to make simple changes to your home and everyday life to move towards living in a less wasteful way. Discover how to do an audit on disposable items in every room of your home and discuss eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives. Be prepared to go home and make simple, but environmentally impactful, changes that will benefit your family and community in wonderful ways, while reducing your contribution to landfills.
  • Outstanding Orchids

    Orchids have become a common house plant. Prized for their brightly colored flowers and their long bloom times, orchids have become a common house plant. Discover simple techniques, considering our Minnesota environment, to keep your plant healthy and re-blooming. Learn about orchids generally available to the consumer, with emphasis on the most common orchid for the home: the Phalaenopsis or Moth Orchid. Explore orchids in general, how to select an orchid, environmental needs, several approaches to care depending on your level of enthusiasm, orchid pests and repotting. Warning: Orchids can become very, very addicting!
  • So You Want to Plant a Vegetable Garden

    Designed to help you prepare to grow vegetables in your garden. Learn about the conditions that you should take into consideration as you prepare your garden, including soil quality and light requirements. Acquire information regarding resources available to help you assess your soil and methods for enhancing it to promote plant growth. Explore when and where to plant different vegetables and what to consider as you select not only which vegetables to plant but also which cultivars of a specific vegetable. Discuss how to diagnose common plant diseases, pest issues and techniques to combat these problems.
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