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  • Clear the Clutter

    Get tips from recycling professionals on how to purge hard-to-get-rid-of items regardless of size or emotional attachment. Learn about free or low-cost ways to clean out your closets and restore order to your home. Presented by Dakota Valley Recycling.
  • Decluttering Intimidating Spaces

    Closets, basements, attics, garages and storage units can be intimidating spaces to declutter and organize, creating “hidden clutter” that has accumulated behind closed doors in your home and in expensive storage units. Explore the reasons why we cling to items we will most likely never wear or use again, continually diminishing our peace-of-mind and our money. Learn how to fearlessly declutter, organize and empty these spaces to lighten your life and save time, money and energy. Reclaim peaceful clarity and spacious simplicity for a healthier mind, body and home.
  • Low-Waste Living

    Learn about the importance of the three R's (reduce, reuse and recycle), and find out how to implement them in order to reduce the amount of waste in your households.
  • Organize Your Space

    Are you feeling disorganized, bogged down by clutter, or needing the motivation to simplify your surroundings? Want to feel the freedom of space in your life? Come, benefit from the financial and time saving effects of intentional space planning. Through lessons, guided exercises, and weekly activities, learn to change the space around you. Explore what is valuable to you, how to simplify by category, where to give, and how to stay organized. Create and execute your plan based on your values and desires. Create new behaviors to make space in your life, transform your home, and simplify for the future. You are worth it.
  • Save the Food

    Did you know 40 percent of all food in the United States goes to waste? Learn ways to reduce food waste in your household - and save money - by smart shopping, proper food storage and clever ways to use leftovers. Take home a smart shopping list, fruit and vegetables storage guide, and a list of valuable resources to learn even more.
  • Taming Your Paper Chaos

    Paper is necessary in our homes, but left untamed, it multiples on every flat surface and in every room. This class reveals steps, secrets and systems to minimize paper piles and efficiently deal with mail, notes, receipts, newspapers, magazines, catalogs and books. Learn how to make clear decisions for recycling, shredding and organizing your well-established piles as well as daily actions and simple systems to eliminate paper piles for good. Leave with inspiration to tame your paper piles immediately.