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  • Building a Backyard Greenhouse on a Budget

    Learn how to build a small backyard greenhouse on a budget.Northern Gardener Magazine states you don't need a lot of "green" to raise a lot of plants. You could spend thousands on a greenhouse, or do what this thrifty gardener did, and use a greenhouse kit and some ingenuity to fashion a practical and fun home greenhouse. Northern Gardener Magazine (January/February 2018)
  • Container Garden Designs

    Do you desire lush, healthy, long-lasting and colorful container gardens that add pizzazz to your property? Ideally, container gardens should be vibrant for five months. Whether you are a novice or experienced gardener, it is hard to know where to begin. Learn how to get started on finding fast-growing, vigorous nursery quality plants with season-long colors. View images of striking color combinations of readily available plants that are easily created in containers. A detailed handout of each plant and container design provided.
  • Planning and Planting a Successful Vegetable Garden

    Food doesn't get any more local than your own yard! Always wanted to plant a vegetable garden but didn't know where to start? In this timely class, we will discuss how to get the most from our relatively short growing season as well as review things to consider when planning and designing your growing space, no matter how big or small. We will talk about starting plants from seed versus buying seedlings, testing your soil and review different styles of gardening. We will then have some fun creating a personalized detailed plan so that you can leave class and get that vegetable garden started!
  • Security For Your Home

    Here is your opportunity to look at and view different options to protect your home. Options including video cameras (active and hidden), security lighting (motion detectors) and audible alarms. Advantages and disadvantages for each option will be discussed and much more. Instructor has first hand knowledge of developing and installing home security for many different types of homes in many terrains.
  • The Dirt on Seed Saving

    Annual plants are amazing! Their whole purpose in life is to grow, fruit, spread their seeds and die. But with the development of seedless fruits and vegetables, pollen free flowers and hybridized varieties, heirlooms are disappearing, never to be grown again. Discover the wonderful world of seed saving! Discuss some of the easier seeds to save and explain the differences between heirloom, open pollinated and hybrid plants. Learn about self-pollinating vs. cross-pollinating flowers and the best practices for selecting, identifying and ensuring that the seeds you harvest and save will produce true plants the following year. Leave with a better understanding on how to harvest, dry and store some of your favorite seeds for generations to come.
  • Year Round Composting

    Have you ever wanted to turn organic waste into gold? Well maybe not actual gold, but to your plants, nutrient packed, moisture retaining humus is even better than gold! Don’t have a backyard? Save money by creating natural fertilizer for your plants while keeping organics out of landfill. Discover how to successfully create and manage your backyard compost as well learn more about vermicomposting so that you can compost year-round in any climate!