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  • Scandinavian and Wabasha Street Caves Tour

    Set out to discover how and why immigrants from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland came as pioneers to St. Paul and Minneapolis. Learn about sites such as the Mindekirken Church, the Swedish Institute, and the famous statue of Leif Erickson, in the company of a costumed character guide from our Scandinavian past. Enjoy a delicious Scandinavian feast at the Wabasha Street Caves followed by a tour of the caves themselves where you will hear and see their history. Learn why these manmade caves were mined out in the 1800’s. Explore the original mined caves and see the finished caves, once a popular nightclub called the Castle Royal. Hear the legends of gangster massacres and ghostly lore in the most unique banquet facility from Chicago to San Francisco. Must register by July 17. Gratuity not included. Sorry, no discounts apply. Scandinavian Feast Includes: Cucumber Salad Swedish Meatballs with Gravy Mashed Potatoes Mixed Vegetables White and Rye Rolls Assorted Bars *Please email if you need a gluten free or vegetarian option.