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  • ADHD Tools and Techniques

    Learn tools and techniques to support those with ADHD, from preschool age to adulthood. Discuss ADHD, treatment options and how to implement potential positive results within household dynamics and schoolwork assignments. Each age group requires different interventions and support. Discover clear guiding principals of support and interventions to help individuals of all ages become successful. Meets criteria for Minnesota  teacher licensure renewal in Differentiation and is approved for 1.5 CEUs.
  • Adolescent Depression & Anxiety

    Why are so many kids dealing with anxiety and depression? How come so many more kids are dealing with mental illness than any other generation? What does Mental Illness and ADHD have to do with each other? How do I help my teens develop the skills necessary to deal with all the pressures they face? We'll answer all these questions and more. 
  • Being an Authentic Student-Athlete (ages 12-18)

    Are you “just” an athlete or is there more to who you are and who you want to be? Between stimulus and response is our ability to choose. We make choices every day that lead to who we are and what our lives become. Go through a process of reflection, analysis and purposeful planning to make positive decisions that help you be who you want to be. Objectives of the class: Create a vision of who they want to be. Use reflection and analysis for self-assessment. Develop an action plan for being authentic to their future desired self
  • Developing an Authentic Student-Athlete

    Designed to offer purposeful reflection on your role as a parent, whether your child is just entering the age to play organized sports or has been involved for years. Benefit from Coach Erdmann's experience and perspective coaching youth sports, high school sports and being involved with college recruiting of athletes. Objectives to the class:  The parent will participate in a discussion about the role sports participation plays in your child's life.  The parent will reflect on current/future decisions being made that impact your child's development.  The parent will create a list of parenting choices that can help develop authenticity in your student-athlete.
  • Donation to Learning

    Your donation to Community Education will help an individual in need to participate in a quality learning activity. Select the denomination of your choice. You will receive an email confirmation upon completion of the donation. Thank you for your support of learning in District 196.
  • Mindsets for Parents: Strategies to Encourage Growth Mindsets in Kids at the Elementary and Younger Age Level

    What is the difference between a growth and a fixed mindset? I am hearing about it more and more at our elementary schools, but how can I, as a parent, encourage the growth mindset in my home? Learn how the brain works, how to praise kids, how to encourage your children to challenge themselves and that it is ok to make mistakes because that is how we learn. Discuss the concept of a growth mindset from a parent’s standpoint at home, in school and in co-curricular activities. Parents, you may be challenged to learn something about your own mindset as well. 
  • Parent Group for Gifted Children

    Interested in learning more about your gifted child? Consider joining a gifted parent group! A SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) group is now being offered. Parents are a child’s first teacher and they continue to be teachers throughout their child’s life. Join other interested parents of gifted and talented children to discuss such topics as motivation, discipline, stress management and peer relationships. All sessions are organized around the book A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children which is included for each family. You do not need to have a formally identified GT student to participate in this group. Multiple adults per family are welcome: parents, step-parents and other adults who care for your child.
  • Saving for College

    Explore the rising costs of college and the strategies you can use to help your family afford it. Discover what the average college costs, what to expect with financial aid and what are the best ways to save that won't cost you more in the end. Whether you just had a child or your child is applying for colleges now, come learn the best ways to save.
  • Seven College Planning Tips You Don’t Know About but Should

    Families often know more about the next appliance they are going to buy than the college education they are going to purchase, leading many to make avoidable mistakes that cost them thousands and hinder their ability to find the best fit for their child. Learn the insider tips from a national expert that will greatly enhance your understanding of the college process, reduce anxiety and position your child for success. Avoid mistakes many families make when trying to identify colleges that are truly the right fit, a behind-the-scenes view of how financial aid really works, actionable strategies to save thousands of dollars and tips for working with your teenager on a stressful and emotional process. An absolute must-see for parents and grandparents with college-bound students, the class is designed for those with students in grades 10-11.