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  • ADHD Tools and Techniques

    Learn tools and techniques to support those with ADHD, from preschool age to adulthood. Discuss ADHD, treatment options and how to implement potential positive results within household dynamics and schoolwork assignments. Each age group requires different interventions and support. Discover clear guiding principals of support and interventions to help individuals of all ages become successful. Meets criteria for Minnesota teacher licensure renewal in Differentiation and is approved for 1.5 CEUs.
  • Adolescent Depression & Anxiety

    Why are so many kids dealing with anxiety and depression? How come so many more kids are dealing with mental illness than any other generation? What do mental illness and ADHD have to do with each other? How do I help my teens develop the skills necessary to deal with all the pressures they face? Learn answers to all these questions and more.
  • Donation to Learning

    Your donation to Community Education will help an individual in need to participate in a quality learning activity. Select the denomination of your choice. You will receive an email confirmation upon completion of the donation. Thank you for your support of learning in District 196.
  • Facing Adversity with Grace: Parenting Series

    Families today experience significant stress maneuvering through evolving societal pressures. The Facing Adversity with Grace series is intended to help parents learn to access their own inner resilience to more effectively manage and even transcend the adversities they are facing. To register for the entire series use AFRRE-S1 Behavioral Issues and RelationshipsFocus on how behavioral issues due to mental health conditions, including substance use disorders, affect the family system. Concepts such as pre-occupation, attempts to control, failure to control and dishonesty will be explored. Families will engage in discussions on the dynamics of enabling, denial, and boundaries, offering solutions to better relate to the mental health conditions, separate from their relationship with the individual. Register for AFRRE-S2The Fallacy of Perfect ParentingExplore how the pressures to be perfect result in feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. Many parents complain of a lack of control in their own homes and a feeling that their children's needs are running the household. They may remove barriers to success and end up unintentionally disempowering their children. They may try to be their child’s best friend, losing focus of the primary responsibility, to raise a fully functioning adult. Normalize what parents experience, how they learn to be parents and explore Pia Mellody’s concepts regarding affirming, nurturing and setting limits. Look at how families interact with community ecosystems such as law enforcement, child protection and schools. Register for AFRRE-S3Kids and Screen Time: Tips for how to minimize conflict in your homeMany parents worry about their child’s use of technology and their amount of time spent glued to screens. New studies link use of screens with developmental and neurological problems in children. Explore techniques for talking to kids about these risks and setting limits without creating unnecessary arguments or conflict. Discuss how to balance the positive and negative aspects of technology use and explore the risks and signs of compulsive behaviors. Be introduced to effective ways of setting boundaries, limits and consequences. Practice these concepts through role-playing scenarios. Register for AFRRE-S4
  • May I Have Your Attention, Please?

    Do you have a child who struggles with focus, paying attention, or staying on task? Children who struggle with these challenges in the classroom or at home may or may not have a diagnosis of ADHD, however, their attention issues result in high frustration levels and keep them from achieving their full potential. Discover insights into the root cause of attention and behavior issues along with practical parenting strategies, learning strategies and teaching methods to improve you child's ability to learn and excel. Sorry, no discounts apply.
  • SENG Parent Group

    Interested in learning more about your gifted child? Consider joining a gifted parent group! A SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) group is now being offered. Parents are a child’s first teacher and they continue to be teachers throughout their child’s life. Join other interested parents of gifted and talented children to discuss such topics as motivation, discipline, stress management and peer relationships. All sessions are organized around the book A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children which is included for each family. You do not need to have a formally identified GT student to participate in this group. Multiple adults per family are welcome: parents, step-parents and other adults who care for your child.
  • Spring Ahead with Community Ed

    Enjoy a fun-filled evening with Community Ed! There will be something for everyone in the family. Jump in the pool for an open swim and try out log-rolling. Never tried it before? Get a quick lesson from our experienced swim staff. Free activities for kids and adults of all ages! Hot dogs, chips, popcorn and beverages available for purchase. Carnival games also available with all proceeds supporting scholarships.For planning purposes, please register for this free event. Open Swim Lollipop Tree Bouncy House Selfie Station Book Camp and many more activities