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  • Being an Authentic Student-Athlete (ages 12-18)

    Are you “just” an athlete or is there more to who you are and who you want to be? Between stimulus and response is our ability to choose. We make choices every day that lead to who we are and what our lives become. The purpose of this class is to take students through a process of reflection, analysis, and purposeful planning to make positive decisions that help them be who they want to be. Objectives of the class: Create a vision of who they want to be. Use reflection and analysis for self-assessment. Develop an action plan for being authentic to their future desired self
  • Developing an Authentic Student-Athlete

    Whether your child is just entering the age to play organized sports or has been involved for years, this class is designed to offer purposeful reflection on your role as a parent. Participants will benefit from Coach Erdmann's experience and perspective coaching youth sports, high school sports, and being involved with college recruiting of athletes. Objectives to the class: - The parent will participate in a discussion about the role sports participation plays in your child's life. - The parent will reflect on current/future decisions being made that impact your child's development. - The parent will create a list of parenting choices that can help develop authenticity in your student-athlete.
  • Donation to Learning

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