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  • Keep the Memories, Lose the Stuff

    Tired of living with clutter, creating space for a loved one or downsizing? Inspired by Matt Paxton’s 2022 book and his PBS series “Legacy List,” this class will guide you in sifting through generations of clutter, navigating mental and emotional roadblocks and releasing all you no longer need or use. Learn processes, tools and steps to get the job done while supporting people and animals in need with donations to local organizations. Informative inspiring handouts included.
  • Taming Your Paper Chaos

    Paper is necessary in our homes, but left untamed, it multiples on every flat surface and in every room. Discover steps, secrets and systems to minimize paper piles and efficiently deal with mail, notes, receipts, newspapers, magazines, catalogs and books. Learn how to make clear decisions for recycling, shredding and organizing your well-established piles as well as daily actions and simple systems to eliminate paper piles for good. Leave with inspiration to tame your paper piles immediately.