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CONNECTED: How to Show Up For Your Kids in the Digital Age

Enrichment - Adult / Family, Parenting & Teaching -
Adult Fall 2022


Help your child take advantage of opportunities online while avoiding risks.

COVID-19 means that kids are spending more and more time online. Most schools hand kids a tablet or laptop without a parenting guide to go with it! You deserve evidence-based resources, not fear-based soundbites, as you navigate escalating screen time challenges. This self-paced online class cuts through conflicting information and delivers the essential parenting strategies for your child's digital wellbeing.

Best for parents of kids ages 8-16 


CONECTADO: cómo proteger a sus hijos en la era digital

Ayude a su hijo/a a aprovechar las oportunidades que ofrece Internet y a evitar los riesgos. Obtenga recursos basados en la evidencia, mientras navega por los crecientes desafíos del tiempo frente a la pantalla.


KU XIRNOW: Sida Looga Agmuuqdo Caruurtaada Wakhtiga Casriga ah ee lagu jiro

Ka caawi canuggaaga in uu ka faa’idaysto fursadaha si onleen ah asaga oo iska ilaalinaya khataraha. Hel ilo caddaymo ku salaysan, inta aad ku dhexjirto caqabadaha wakhtiga kicinta shaashadda.

Erin Walsh

Erin Walsh, M.A. is a dynamic, knowledgeable speaker who has addressed a wide range of audiences on topics related to brain development and raising resilient young people in the digital age. Erin was instrumental to the development of the MediaWise movement and enjoyed working with her father, Dr. David Walsh, for 10 years at the National Institute on Media and the Family before creating Mind Positive Parenting together in 2010. In addition to her work with Mind Positive Parenting, Erin is a speaker with the Bolster Collaborative and teaches undergraduate students at the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs where she teaches a program called Making Media, Making Change.


  Erin Walsh

Price: $ 45 00