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Creative Movement Arts-Online (families and children ages 3-6)

Enrichment - Youth / Dance -
Youth Spring 2022

Find new joy in learning and dance with distinguished teaching-artists from around the world!

Connect all arts and academics through six thematic lessons for strong engagement for your child(ren) and your whole family. Explore physical explorations and kinesthetic arts. Combine basic dance skills with creative movement, positive self-esteem games and quality music from around the world. Each week, engage in a video to investigate creative movement, dance, visual arts, theatre, language, world cultures, nutrition and more. Nurture the creative process in your child … and family!

Receive a password and url addresses in an email prior to class start to access six videos that you may play as much as you like, at any time you like during each weekly session.

Weekly Themes -

  •  Lesson 1:  Shapes
  •  Lesson 2: Over, Under, Around and Through
  •  Lesson 3: Opposites
  •  Lesson 4: Action Words
  • Lesson 5: Colors
  • Lesson 6: Circus

Education in Dance & The Related Arts - Jo A. G. Frederiksen

Education In Dance is an integrated arts enrichment program which since 1981, has provided a meaningful introduction/foundation in the arts for lifetime enhancement. In over 70 public and private schools throughout the New York Metropolitan Area, we teach preschool through high school students of all populations including Special Education, Bilingual/ESL, and Gifted/TAG. Our program stimulates creativity and intellectual growth while contributing to emotional and physical well-being.