Tai Chi Advanced Combined 42

The combined 42 Form has movements drawn from Chen, Yang, Wu and Sun styles of traditional Taijiquan. Practitioners of the form enjoy its circularity, qi cultivation and exploring how the different styles relate to each other. Designed for advanced students with previous tai chi experience.

Linda Ebeling

Linda Ebeling is a Master Trainer for Tai Chi for Health Institute, a board member of the Tai Chi for Health Community and CPR certified. Linda is highly regarded by peers and is a skilled instructor. Assistant teacher, Jeannine Robinette is an experienced, certified instructor.

Past participants have shared: The instructor is knowledgeable and patient, class was both fun and relaxing, Tai Chi is slow in movement but I felt it build strength and it helped my knee pain

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  Linda Ebeling

  Rosemount Middle School : Cafe


  Oct 30 - Dec 11
  7:30 - 8:30 pm
Min Age
18 yr.

Price: $ 79 00

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