Tai Chi Yang Style

Learn the fundamentals of the world’s most popular tai chi form, characterized by rounded, fluid movements that help to build mind-body connection. Focus on posture, walking, breathing and qigong exercises, as well as the Yang 24 tai chi form. It is non-impact and builds balance, flexibility, strength and reduces stress

 Assistant teachers Jeannine Robinett

Linda Ebeling

Linda Ebeling is a Master Trainer for Tai Chi for Health Institute, a board member of the Tai Chi for Health Community and CPR certified. Linda is highly regarded by peers and is a skilled instructor. Assistant teacher, Jeannine Robinette is an experienced, certified instructor.

Past participants have shared: The instructor is knowledgeable and patient, class was both fun and relaxing, Tai Chi is slow in movement but I felt it build strength and it helped my knee pain

AYANG-F2 Closed

  Linda Ebeling

  Rosemount Middle School : Cafe


  Oct 30 - Dec 11
  6:30 - 7:30 pm
Min Age
18 yr.

Price: $ 69 00

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